PUNTO MED is an international company founded in 1984, with headquarters in the Principality of Monaco. PUNTO MED S.A.M. operates in a variety of industrial fields such as:

- Development of joint venture factories for the production of household appliances

- Supply of turnkey plants for the production of household appliances

- Supply of turnkey plants for the production of isothermal bodies for lorries

- Extrusion lines for the production of XPS sheets for thermoforming purposes (food trays) and XPS panels for construction, using the expanded foam technology

- Supply of raw materials and components for the household appliances

Historically, PUNTO MED focused in the household appliances sector and is one of the leading providers of turnkey factories producing different end-products such as refrigerators, cookers, freezers, bottle coolers, air conditioners, washing machines and other household appliances. PUNTO MED factories are located in Africa (Libya and Nigeria), Central America (Dominican Republic), and Asia (People Republic of China). In addition, PUNTO MED supplies raw materials and components for different other household appliances factories located in China, Egypt, Jordan, Costa Rica, Ecuador and other countries in the world.

In 1994, PUNTO MED created an association with a major Italian manufacturer of isothermal bodies for lorries and installed together a Turnkey Plant producing isothermal bodies for lorries in Henan Province (China).

In 1999, PUNTO MED entered into a joint venture with a leading Company specialized in the field of plastic extrusion lines. Since then, we developed several complete extrusion lines for boards, sheets and profiles in expanded PS, PE, PP and PET, using blowing agents of the new generation. These extrusion lines were delivered throughout these years to Italian and European Clients who, since then, have increased their production by acquiring additional lines with higher capacities. This fact highlights the huge growing demand for these expanded plastic materials all over the world.